Free Lateral Flow tests

I have been very bemused over who qualifies and who does not. 119 told me to phone GP Surgery. They told me to go back to 119. The girl then said that everyone over 75 qualified and to order online. I duly did so and got an order placed. However, I realised that I had automatically assumed that husband had one of the illnesses that qualified him for free tests - but when I rolled out the list, he does not!

I phoned British Lung Foundation and they confirmed that lung conditions do NOT seem to automatically those patients for free tests even if they had the highly clinically vulnerable letter previously, the cagagories used to decide who was and who was not clinically vulnerable have now been changed and it is only those in the very highest category as in having treatment for cancer who seem to qualify. She did say they should have already been sent out kits anyway and they were told to phone GP Surgery for treatment at home if they tested positive.

I am ok in the short term. I can half accept that I need to buy my own and would try to keep a few in but I find it hard that someone who is 83 next week with various lung conditions and inhalers is not eligible.

It’s very confusing at the moment. I think I have to still take them as working as a part time TA but school don’t supply them as I’m agency. I also read somewhere that those anticipating surgery (waiting for hip replacement) are meant to be “clinicially vulnerble” but we don’t qualify for free tests either on the list even though I believe if you catch covid there is a 49 day delay again (?) I feel more worried about covid now than at any time during the pandemic.

Yes me too Henrietta. Surely we will not know if the rates are rising if testing is no longer free? Yes I know the hospitalisations will reflect rising rates, but this is usually around 14/28 days behind.

People who do have it and do not test, wont isolate as in many cases if they do not go into work, they wont get paid, and I do have some sympathy for them.

I would guess the vulnerable as in the over 75’s have falling immunity now and if the rates of Covid are high then they are going to be at a huge risk. I am amazed I got it frankly as I wear a mask and avoid crowded places and socialising with people I do not know.

I’m equally amazed I haven’t had it yet as I worked in a care home/or out in the community all through covid and have since worked at a college where no one wears masks. It will be just my luck to catch it in the next few weeks.

Yes my friend Juliette works in a school and she has said that a lot of staff who escaped it previously have now come down with it. I have found it very bad for 3 days and then Sunday and today it is getting a little easier but it is far worse than a bad cold. I sailed through jabs with no reactions at all so I guess I have to take a deep breath and get through it. I do have good friends who will collect my prescription and more importantly Belle my cat steroids so can at least avoid contact with taxi drivers. I will not socialise until I test negative so I am doing my best to limit spreading. But if there are no legal requirements a lot wont be doing this.

My daughter work’s in a school. Was a key worker when we were in lockdown. Travelling on buses when her husband was working different shift. Came down with it last week. She is very vigilant too

I have given in and ordered a pack of 10 tests for myself - the nose swab ones. Thankfully have enough of the NHS ones for husband for now.

Pet how is your daughter? I was shocked how ill I felt, given that I am relatively healthy and had my booster. Just starting to feel a little better now - day 7 but still tested positive so will be avoiding people until I get a negative test.