hi i am a full time carer who is disabled and looks after my wife who is mentally ill we both have diabetics issues ,my wife has copd Asthma as well as sleep apena and bipolar disorder , i have got bronchiectasis and chronic pain i have had problems with infections since xmas just finished 7th lot of antibotics still got problems , my wife has had a cough cold like systoms for 6 weeks ,
now the Coronavirus is taken hold around the world dr surgeys are saying dont come in if you have a cold , flu , cough , in some respect i understand why but what about the ones with Pre-existing condition and who are very vulnerable , the gov says dont go to dr if you have a cough or temp upto 37.8 , so dr surgerys are saying different from the gov , so in a situation like this which is i am sure for alot of people are in where do you go if you cannot see your dr surgery , you cannot phone 111 or phone 999 , all though you have a Pre-existing condition

Hi Dean & welcome

Have you made any contact with your g.p and/or surgery. I sure your surgery would be only to happy to have a phone call. If only to give you reassurance on your current situation. What I understood was if you think you have over and above the usual symptoms. For you current medical conditions you should not hesitate to make a call. For example if your breathing has changed and became for aggressive than you normal level. Your surgery and doctor know you and your condition. 111 is for people such as you do not hesitate if you feel you need to call. The point was made yesterday. The Government are trying to free up 111 calls. However, individuals like you and your family that service is still in place.

thankyou for your reply the gp surgery have stated no one is to go to the surgery with any problem if you have a cold , with my symptoms i have cold sweats, hot and sticky no high temp i have been like this since xmas and all though different sputum samples have been done i am producing different bugs i also sneeze , cough , but not a lot but i do have chest pain i was up the hospital 2 days ago and all though blood work was done and xray nothing was found all the hospital said was to self isolate for 14 days which is different from the goverment we have no friends or good neighbours to help if in need i dont even get help from asc with help with a shower , as i have got reactive depression , stress, etc i found that if a proffesional dont do there job right then my stress levels goes up , my wife has had a cough for a while and allthough she is taking all her meds it does not help ,when my wife becomes unwell she has collapsed in the past , the surgery and doctor do know our problems very well but we cannot go to the surgery, so i suppose everyone with a cold is to stay away from surgery which would put the strain on the hospital and 111 if there condition got worse instead of seeing your own gp for antibotics , i have been on 7 kinds since xmas and i am still suffering , the goverment has said to protect the vulnerable so when will this happen as the www said the goverment has done to little to late from what i saw the goverment wants 60% of people to get the virus so it would help the ones who are worse off

As you have said you suffer from stress. Have you made any contact with organisations/charities who provide help in this area.

hi thanks for your reply i have tried different organisations to help like carers break , red cross, but only had 2 hrs a week for 6 weeks in 24 years carers association could not find someone who understand bipolar so i am on my own , all though my wife is tracked and got lifeline etc place , at the moment she is not well temp 37.5 , cough that she had for 6 weeks unable to go to dr surgery due to cold , we both have conditions like anyone but as i said to 111 today where are you suppose to get help if you are unwell so how do you get your chest checked out if you cant see anyone

The length of your wife’s cough seems longer. Than the expected length being relayed to the public. So hopefully it’s not necessarily connected.

Off the internet …

The normal body temperature is between about 36 and 37°C, but this can vary from person to person and from hour to hour. Most centres define fever as body temperature higher than 38°C. Temperatures between 37.5°C and 38.5°C may indicate a low-grade fever.

a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
a new, continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly

thanks for your reply according to 111 when i spoke to them my wife had a fever of 37.5 in which i said it is high normal to me but it was not to the advisor we was also told to remove masks that the hospital gave us ,when i was up the hospital yesterday by ambulance we had to put our masks on as i went up there in sever stomach pain are are suppose to be self isolating according to the hospital due to current helath issues , when people have under line problems how do they take the dog for a walk to do his toilet there is nothing as far as i can see about dogs but you cannot let them do toilet indoors so there fore self isolating is broken , so when is the care suppose to happen for the vulaerable who are on the own like us , i think the goverment has failed the uk people as the prime minster said a lot of people will die so will he be aquitted for murder as not doing enough to protect the uk people

There are charitys that help with dog walking if you are elderly/disabled/housebound.
Contact your local vets or RSPC, animal charity.
The Cinnemon Trust as well helps with dog walking.

I used to help with an informal scheme, helping the elderly with pet care, feeding, looking after, taking pets to the vets etc.

thanks for your reply it seems now we the uk is now in lockdown so does that not mean no one can go out , it seems that dues to under line conditions we have to stay in for 3 months what happens to appointments eg : dr. hospital . etc my wife is not only health problem but mentally ill this will be hard for everyone