Dr appointments / hospital / cronavirus

hi we are both vulnerable with cronic pain , copd , asthma , bronchiectasis , i am the main carer for my wife who is mentally ill with bipolar disorder i also suffer with stress , i have had to cancel all appointments with cpn , dentist , etc due to the goverment adviseing all people who are vulnerable to stay in for 3 to 4 months , how are you suppose to have tests done etc to see if pre existing conditions have got worse if you cannot go anywhere , i was informed by dr surgery i have to take another lot of antibotics which would be 8 since xmas as i put in another sample of spit before uk was lockdown , would the goverment issue permits for people to attend appointments all though been advised by goverment all vulnerable to say in , so how do people like us who is on there own get any help and advice , we have even contacted adult social care about help there is none at the moment they wanted me to have a pa to help with shower but with the cronovirus going about you dont know who has it … :frowning:

Eight lots of antibiotics since Christmas?!
Corona virus or not, you need to see someone.

hi thanks for your reply i was up hospital 2 days ago for stomach pain all bloods where done all bloods are normal , i have got
bronchiectasis in which when i catch a cold it can go to my chest as i have had phenomua in the past , my bronchiectasis has not got any worse according to all my tests i had before lockdown due to repeat chest infections i said to my dr i am fed up with it and might as well live in a bubble , as i said i am a full time carer like alot of people with no help allthough under asc life line etc , i suffer with chronic pain as well and i have to look after my wife cook and clean as well , the reason why antibotics is due to my spit has different bugs but like i said its been like this since xmas not since cronovirus out break , with your advice about seeing someone the dr surgerys will not let you in with cold like issues so people with under issues will suffer and its all down the the goverment not acting faster ,