Rant about bubbles

I know none of you can do anything about it, but I need to say this!

I am the sole, single carer for S and much as I love him, he isn’t like living with an adult - emotionally he is like a child and his communication skills are limited so I can’t hold an adult conversation with him. There must be other carers in the same situation - caring for someone with a LD and/or autism or dementia. Unlike single parents of children under 18, I am not eligible to form a bubble with anyone unless I can find a person living alone who wants to join us. I do have a few friends who live along but they are in bubbles with their families. I am feeling this keenly again now we are under stricter local restrictions again.
Once again the plight of carers is being ignored.


Hiya Melly, Yes this is the problem carers are overlooked as if it doesn’t matter what we go through. What area are you in Melly? Is your area on local lockdown right now?

Hiya Maine,
yes I am. We can’t have visit/have visitors in homes or gardens.