Support bubble eligibility , guidance, advice please?

I am a single adult living at home with a very sick parent with Parkinsons currently so that I can support them and keep them safe through the pandemic. I am a registered carer with Devon Carers. I do unpaid care work for my mum. She also receives social care visits at home ( 4 visits a day , 7 days a week ).

I want to know if I can form a support bubble with my girlfriend who lives a couple hours away.

I phoned citizens advice because I wanted clarification on this matter due to some criticism from family members who said I couldn’t do this and to my dismay they told me that I wasn’t eligible to form one.

This was a big surprise because I thought I was and I am really struggling with the idea that I can’t have any help or support for the next few months.

The reason Citizens advice said I couldn’t was because of this part of the government website :

“you are the only adult in your household who does not need continuous care as a result of a disability”

they told me this was written about disabled people who live alone. not carers who live with someone (which is what I assumed it meant)

I then went on the AGE UK site and read this which totally contradicts what Citizens Advice told me

For two households to form a support bubble, at least one of the households must have:

only one adult carer – this means households where this is one adult carer and anyone else living within the household has a disability and requires continuous care

So which is right? Can anyone shed some light and give me some guidance on this please?

Hi James,

My interpretation is the second one.


that’s interesting. that is mine as well. I wonder who else I could seek clarification from?

I suspect if you contacted CAB and got a different advisor you would get a different answer.

Carers Uk gives the same advice as Age Uk