Support Bubbles - People Thoughts on the Idea

I was surprised to get a text from my sister today telling me that from Saturday, she could now legally visit me and Mum with her two kids, how did I feel about them coming round on Sunday.

I had to google this new government rule that in certain cases two households can now form as one and go to and from each others homes without social distancing. I found this to be a bit of a shocker personally as I already thought the govt were now rushing us out of lockdown.

I care for my Mum who is on the shielded list, my sister is going through a divorce and shares custody of the two children with her ex. I asked my sis if her ex was going to form a support bubble with her own parents and was told yes.

This means if I agree it will be four households connected rather than two, us, my sister, sisters ex and sisters ex’s parents with my Niece and Nephew going between all four households. This is when I told my Sister I wasn’t ready for her to visit with the kids yet.

I’ve been so vigilante looking after my Mum and I have no idea what my Sister’s ex or her parents have being doing so I’m not willing to take the risk.

To me Support Bubbles is another inept idea not truly thought through with so many loopholes.

Has anyone else been asked by a family member to create a support bubble, am I being paranoid telling my sister it’s to soon for her to bring the kids over?

I’d check on this first, if I were you. Since your mother is on the shielded list, your household may not be able to form a bubble with anyone.

I live alone and was talking with my next door neighbour over the fence. He said he and his wife could have formed a bubble with me but we can’t because he has COPD and is in the highly vulnerable group,

Besides, these bubbles are entirely voluntary so don’t be rushed to agree .

I think these bubbles may be a good thing; however I object to the way the government appears to be talking down to us during those daily briefings.

As I understand it and as Rosemary stated, if you’re on the shielded list then the government are saying that you shouldn’t form a social bubble at the moment.

Your sister has no right to call under any circumstances, your home, your rules. Tell her mum is shielding, she must not visit yet.

By the way, you’re not being paranoid. You re being sensible and responsible, in my opinion!

in my opinion no one should create a bubble as Mr Hancock said 70-80% of people who test positive don’t have symptoms
Mr Hancock is asked about antibody testing for NHS workers.
He says there are some people who don’t have symptoms but do have the virus.
He adds 70-80% of people who test positive don’t have symptoms, according to an ONS study

Dean, The government knows this but then say to get tested IF you have symptoms !

what i am trying to say is that if 70-80% of people who test positive don’t have symptoms but still have cronavirus then how can you create a bubble as you dont know who has it which is a concern with out every single person being tested and even after testing you might still catch it , to be honest i would not want to take that chance for the sake of a bubble but people will who wants to meet family etc in which i understand