I'm new to this forum. I'm on Sheilding and struggling

I know that many of you are in the same position as me. I’m new to this forum, was told about it today after a call from carers support.
I am a single mum, disabled ( 90% wheelchair and full leg callipar/ crutches) . My 21year old is my registered young carer and I’m full time carer to my eldest daughter who is 29 yrs old . She has been with me for 2 years now after bring discharged from a psychiatric hospital for over 4 years under section 3 then 2 . It’s been very tough and to be honest I’ve felt quite alone at times. Some friends and relatives have literally abandoned us. No communication between the girls and their father. This lockdown business has proberly given me too much time to think as well…
People on the outside think everything is great and we are all doing so well. Dont get me wrong, my daughter has come on really well with her weekly psychiatrist session etc and support but no one sees my struggles behind closed doors and my daughter on her off days which I’m sure many of you will associate with. I dont want to come across as full of self pity etc , I just feel so alone and struggling in my own little world and have done for the last year or so. I wont say anymore as there us way too much to put.
I hope joing this forum I will see I’m not alone and maybe make some friends . I hope you’re all keeping well and safe in these worrying times.

Hi Beverley


You have got a lot on your plate. The Covid pandemic has increased pressures for you as well. Its a very difficult time for all.

It must be tough that family and friends have disappeared…just when you need them the most.

I am the parent carer of two boys one aged 24 and one younger with disabilities.

You are definitely not alone on here. And your position although unique to you. Many here can empathise on your position. And what an amazing job you and your daughters are doing. Staying afloat and trying not to sink. A lot of us swim though similar waters with different floats.

As you carers support worker informed you on the forum. Does that mean you as a family are aware of all you are entitled too.

Or are there areas you could do with some more advice or sign posting on too.

Hi Beverley, welcome to the forum. It’s a really difficult time for everyone, and now we know how lockdown affects us, it’s a case of sitting it out. However, as we can’t go out or escape, maybe we have more time to dwell on our circumstances than usual. My son has severe learning difficulties, he lives alone with carer support. I had an email telling me to come and get him asap, without any thought about my ability to do that. Social Services know that for 25 years I’ve been under instructions NOT to care for anyone ever again!! Fortunately, the agency have found enough carers for him to have 5 hours a day, but that still leaves him way short of the usual amount of care. We speak every night on the phone.
I live in the New Forest, usually lots of visitors at this time, but it’s very quiet, hardly a car going by.


What sort of things do you need help with? How old is your caree? Tell us a bit more about her as well.

Hello Beverly,

Welcome to the forum - sounds like you’ve got a wealth of caring experience to share here.

Do have a look round our help and advice pages and make sure you’re getting all the support you can. Our Facebook group is a good community too:

Best wishes