Query on support bubbles

I am a single person living in Essex, which is in Tier 2 at the moment.

I care for my elderly parents mostly week day evenings and they also have carers coming in to help in the mornings and weekends.

I care for my granddaughter on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that my daughter and son-in-law can go to work.

I have a partner that doesn’t live with me.

My question is:

Can I be in a support bubble with my partner, have a child care bubble and also provide unpaid care for my parents?

Hi Jacqueline,

welcome to the forum.

The official guidance is here Living safely with respiratory infections, including COVID-19 - GOV.UK

It my understanding that you can be in support bubble with your partner and a childcare bubble to look after the grandchildren. However, you shouldn’t be mixing with your daughter and son in law indoors so they should be just dropping the children off at the door etc. Re your parents - you are able to give care, but bear in mind the more people you mix with, the greater the chance they could be inadvertently exposed to Covid.

Please note, this is only my opinion.


Thank you for your reply but I had a visit from the Police last week saying I wasn’t allowed to see my partner and my parents were my support bubble.

Seems like I can support my parents and granddaughter but there is no support for me.

Not worth arguing with the police, too expensive!! Any idea who reported you?

There is no support for carers in the current bubble system. I am a single carer and care for S who has autism and a related learning disability. He can only hold simple conversations (like a very young child.) Unlike a parent who could be living with nearly adult children, I am unable to form a bubble.


Thank you Melly1 for your reply, seems we are both in the same boat!

It was my next door neighbour reported me.