Proof of Caring card

Hello everyone, just trying to find out if there is a card available either nationally or locally to me (West Yorkshire) to show proof of my caring role rather than carrying a copy of my Carers Allowance award around when we’re out?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately there isn’t a national card. Some local carer centres issue area specific ones - you could contact your local carer’s centre and enquire.

Carers UK have information here for anyone who wants to initiate a carers passport scheme in their area … Fairer for carers | Carers UK



Thanks for the reply, i will have a look on there then.

The key issue is whether or not your wife is disabled. If so, she needs a carer, not just you, someone to be a carer.
If she has proof of her disability, you should not be asked to prove you are a carer!
Once again, the role of family carer can be misunderstood. Some places, wrongly, expect official badges from companies.

Under what circumstances are you being asked for ID?

The only place that I had real problems was the Mevagissey Model Railway Centre, that nearly had me in tears, and that doesn’t happen very often!!
My son with LD walked straight in, not worrying about a ticket, so I followed up wanting to pay for him, and asked about carers discounts. The man was horrible. Denied me any discount, so as M was already in there, without paying, so I just sat outside until he came out, but it really spoiled my day.