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Hi I’m fuĺl time carer for my husband who is disabled I don’t receive carers allowance since I reached retirement age, as I’ve nothing official to say I’m his carer how do I prove to organisations that I complete this role when accompanying him on trips out. Eg: we are going on day out for grandaughters 2nd birthday and as carer get free admission but asked for proof…what do I do in this event?

Hi Lynn & welcome

Yes, it’s a bone of contention when carers reach state pension age. And continue to care but can become invisible. However, you are not invisible.

Because my husband uses a powered wheelchair as he has a physical disability. I find most place just look at him and say to me and a carer ticket etc. The National Trust do a companion card for the person how has the disability. It allows a carer free entrance. The carer isn’t named so that the person with the disability. May wish to take a different person to help them.

The CEA cinema card again is a card for the disabled person. And it gives a free entrance to a carer.

Theatres do much the same it’s a case of looking on the web sites on were you want to go.

Remember it’s not necessarily about you proving you are a carer. It’s about your husband information as requiring assistance from a carer.

Hi Sunny disposition thank you for the welcome and response its most welcome. Prior to my husband becoming disabled I shared care of my mum who has dementia, with my sisters whilst also helping to care for my eldest daughter who subsequently died from secondary breast cancer. Since my husbands health has deteriorated I cannot help care for mum as she is in Manchester and we are in North Wales but looking for things to do which don’t cost the earth now we have mobility scooter and wheelchair so hubby can get out and about…like everyone else we spent last year isolated from family. Anyway I digress again thank you for the input x

Lynn you are most welcome.

Sorry to hear of all the sad and many losses you’ve had in your life. Anything we can do as carers is to make life. A little more comfortable and to reduce our stress levels. Is always a welcome.

Are you getting all the help you and your husband our entitled too. Have you ever had a carers assessment. Just because your are retired and not in receipt of carers allowance. Doesn’t mean you can’t have a carers assessment.

And your husband a needs assessment and does your husband claim attendance allowance.

As far as getting “carer goes free” discounts, it’s your husband that is disabled, and therefore needs a carer.
I usually ring in advance and ask any attractions I haven’t visited before if they have a Carer Goes Free scheme?
Sometimes it’s half price for the disabled person, half price for the carer.

If you were in receipt of Carers Allowance before retiring, you would have received a letter outlining your underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance, but explaining that it won’t be paid along with your State Pension as you can only receive one of those benefits. I would consider that to be proof enough.