Private self employed carer. Id badges available?

I work as a self employed carer with several clients of varying needs.

One of which is in a sheltered housing accommodation. They have asked for me to wear an ID badge as I don’t wear a uniform just to make myself identifiable.

Is there any such thing? Could someone point me in the right direction

Your employer should provide one.

Just make one of your own. Have a look at someone else’s and then do a similar version. There are all sorts of options available, many companies have visitor badges, a safety pin, and some plastic that a piece of paper slides into. Have a look on ebay.

As you are self employed does your work come from Social Services or “word of mouth” ?

If you get your clients via Social Services I would thought that they they should be able to provide you with the necessary ID.

Most are chc funded and find their own carers. Some directly from social services. I have asked them if it’s suffice to create my own. I can imagine they are very busy which the crazy world as it is at the Moment

I am my employer, that’s the problem I pose.

Even if you are self employed. The company who employs you. Should provide a photo I.D while working for them.

otherwise try

Not recommending just a google search…

You will need to search the web.