Carees card

Where do I get a careers identity card

Not such a beast acceptable nationwide.

What is available in some areas :

I’m assuming that you are referring to a card that would identify you as caring for a friend/relative in an unpaid, non-professional capacity ? (If you are employed in the care sector then your employer should provide you with ID).

As Bill says, in the main, there is no nationally recognised ID card for kinship carers although some local authorities have a card that you can carry with you to say that, if you are involved in accident or taken ill in the street, there is a vulnerable person at home who needs to be notified and cared for. If you are in receipt of Carers Allowance then most companies/places will accept seeing the letter from DWP that confirms you are in receipt of CA. If you don’t receive CA then you could try using a copy of the DWP letter that confirms your Caree is in receipt of a disability benefit.