New care badge announced today by the health secretary

I do not disagree with the health secretary’s statement today to introduce a new badge for social care staff on par with NHS staff.

However, as a former home carer with over 15 years experience caring for family members at home: and a health professional, I am concerned.

I feel that once again this new initiative will only add to the low value associated with what the thousands of home carers do. Often carers are unseen, not paid, under valued and took for granted.

Why not give carers a level playing field with social care teams by raising the carers allowance to the living wage? If the government really values ALL who deliver social care. Give us our own badge and pay, thereby removing what will be a 3 tier system.

Well said.

A new card for paid carers?! Will go down well with the general public, no doubt. A cheap gimmick.

But what do I expect! Hoping the latest letter to government from 24 charities will change that…

Soon it will be easier to shop with the general public, too many special cases for those special hours!


My thoughts exactly.

My heart sank as he announced that. We have been de-valued further.

Just after he announced that, when he said “and another thing…” I thought he was going to mention unpaid carers!..but no, of course not…it was something else entirely.

I’m sure CUK has some figures about the total number of unpaid carers there are in the country.
I wonder how many paid social carers there are?

I didn’t see whole of broadcast…did they give pay rise for social care carers?

Pretty bad we are being left out of all this considering we are carrying the can for social care during this and it’s unpaid who need the discounts more than anyone. Social care is an awful organisation as it is! So unhelpful and underhand.

No, no pay raises announced, but money given to councils to dish out to social care homes.

Although I feel the government has done a lot to support as many people and businesses as they can over this period, I did feel disappointed that, yet again unpaid carers get absolutely nothing, zip, nada… :-??? Not even a blinking badge. :laughing:

I think there should be a national register.

Agreed Patricia. Perhaps we ought to make our own badges , and masks and gowns!

Seriously, Carers UK, why not offer some car bumper stickers and badges for a small contribution, or free even? We need to become more PROACTIVE!


Spot on.

Agree…we indeed carry the can…as usual but more so now.


I don’t want a car badge!

we need a proper amount of money for the exhausting work we do!

Proper respite (post Covid…not possible now)

Proper services

Holidays yes that would be nice too.

Better treatment from LAS etc

Rosemary yes! Ha ha

Cloudygal, is right though, we need proper money.

I personally don’t necessarily need breaks etc, but the point is we are all different, in different circumstance. My elderly dad lives with me, hes in his 80s, had a stroke, on set of vascular dementia, limited mobility etc etc… he and I wouldn’t want outside help, and we get on brilliantly, but it is exhausting and, challenging sometimes. If there was a national register we would be in the system, at least. This virus has shown me, if you haven’t involved social services, then you don’t exist. It’s all too fragmented. :frowning:

Cloudygal, I couldn’t agree with you more, honestly!

The government would have us believe everything is under control! They’re very responsive, etc.

Somehow, home carers of family members and those others held close need be heard. Hence my badge/sticker comment. Off the wall posting!

In desperate times, what is there to lose? Maybe other forum members can offer up some other ideas! That’s brainstorming!

Now’s the time to be bold, in my opinion!


Honey Badger

I’m so sorry that you feel so bad.

I wish there was a better way for all of us.

The rich are certainly not going to pay for this.

In the end it will be us.

But that won’t stop me fighting for change

Our voice must be heard.

But not just heard…we need to be listened to.

Well said, Cloudygal. xx

I just saw photo of Matt Hancock and his CARE pin. Laughable!

Apparently, so it was mentioned we are all entitled to this care badge. The thing is the company making them has taken it off sale, which indicates strongly only the chosen ones will be able to get hold of one. Social care and paid carers of course.
I agree with Rosemary, he does look ridiculous with his badge :unamused: …but then again he does look the same, even without one! :laughing:

The Carers Action Plan 2018 to 2020 says about an unpaid carers passport.

It shows that this person is an unpaid carer and helps carers get support in their area.

What happened to this Carers Action Plan?

What happened to this Carers Passport?

That would have helped with the issues of supermarkets.

Helped with recognition at hospitals and the GP.

Helped with discounts?

One of my carees lives near the hospital , a lot of the local business’s give discount some 15 per cent if you

show your NHS card.

But I get nothing, unpaid carer what’s that, trying to explain? you just get fed up of it.

We should be on the same footing as NHS and paid carers, we work often more but for no money.

I would go further to ensure some sort of parity with paid care workers.

  1. Not only should we be paid the minimum wage but commensurate employers pension contributions should be as well.

  2. As you all know the longer you spend out of employment caring for someone the harder it is to get back into the workplace and therefore the time any benefit is paid after the caring duties cease is at 2 weeks initially and subsequently plus two weeks for every year you remain a carer. This also applies to breaks in caring.

  3. Carers allowance no longer to count as income but as a true allowance, paid to all who qualify by hours alone, and not age, or assets related. It is to be paid for each person the carer cares for. The so called “triple lock” to apply to carers allowance

  4. A yearly training allowance to ensure the skill set changes in response to the changing needs of the caree.

Ambitious - yes. Expensive - yes but Reasonable - yes, Fair - yes

It would be proper recognition for all the sacrifices we endure and the long hours we all have to put in.

The government has shown it can find money for this having twice now bailed out billions, firstly to the banks in 2008 and now the CoVid 19 virus bailouts the last one must be over £1 trillion by now.

We save the country over £100billion per year, this is just to get a portion of that targetted at those who deliver those savings.

(sarcasm on) After all we are all in this together (sarcasm off)