Pova hopeless

Does anyone have experience of Pova? I’ve put one in, supported by loads of witness statements. Lots of serious concerns with care included being forced into daily activities, and financial issues potentially resulting in 10s of thousands of pounds missing. Nothing is being done, details not handed onto the police, not one witness has been spoken to, nothing. Its been months. All they have said is they have put a support plan in place to meet his needs. What does this mean? He already has a care plan. This is about carers abusing him and money going missing. Why aren’t they investigating? And what can I do next?

Its a protection plan. What does this mean? Does anyone know what’s in a protection plan? Does this mean they are doing something?

Please can you explain POVA?

Protection of Vulnerable Adults

What is a Pova?

All Protection of Vulnerable Adults Teams (POVA) work to ensure that all vulnerable adults are protected from abuse and neglect and when a referral is received it may be necessary to take action to keep individuals safe from further actual harm or risk of harm.

Who is responsible for protecting vulnerable adults?

Local Authorities, police, the health board, regulators and other public services work together and are committed to ensuring that vulnerable adults are protected from abuse and neglect, and will take immediate action where necessary, to keep vulnerable adults safe from harm.

from what I’ve found from a Google search

POVA has now been replaced by SOVA (Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults) but the same authorities are involved.

I’ve made a number of complaints about abuse, and CQC have made several on behalf of my son. They never got investigated, blocked by the member of staff whose lack of action prompted them in the first place!

You should contact Pova then they are legally obliged to investigate.
To my question - does anyone know what a protection plan is, what will it do?

Hampshire are a law unto themselves I’m afraid. I’m their biggest nuisance!!!