What is an action plan?

Hi, everyone, sorry for another post, I Just wanted to ask a quick question. I have had a response from the safeguarding team after I sent a letter to them last week. The woman on the phone told me that an action plan was in place to help mum, however due to GDPR she could not tell me what it is unless my mum agrees. I think mum will agree; however, I don’t know what an action plan is in the context of social services. Does anyone have any experience of these?

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Apologies if I misunderstood. This is a example of a agreed action plan. Care home resident will improve skills in listening
To do this she will take part in circle games to address social skills. She will repeat instructions clearly to ensure that she has understood clearly. She will pay attention to what is being said in discussions.

Right I see. That makes sense. The woman on the phone wouldn’t explain it to me.

I’m not sure what mums plan will say, they said they couldn’t tell me unless mum agrees to tell me. I don’t think they have told her yet either.

It will be a plan of agreed actions and strategies that aim to support your Mum and manage her risk of being taken advantage of/ abused/ neglected etc Each action should say who should be implementing it and a time scale for this to happen.

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