Statutory Services

Anyone else experienced social services/care agency treat the family carer and the vulnerable person like they own them?

Professionals have always had total predominance in my Mum’s care and treated me like an interfererance.

Someone has confirmed that once someone is in need of care, the local authority step in, take over and ‘own’ that person.

What’s even worse is that I still cannot find the right legal help with everything, as when I contacted the CQC about both social services and care agency (who they protect at all costs). They all had a meeting and decided behind closed doors that I am the focus of very serious safeguarding concerns, that my Mum is ‘in an unsafe environment’ and is ‘at risk’…all due to officials taking the care agency’s owner’s word as gospel. When I emailed asking the safeguarding social worker (who has spoken to me like dirt), if they’d stake their career on the claims made; got no response.

All sorts of agreements were made in the Best Interests Meeting that was rushed through at a time/date I was unavailable (even though I requested it be delayed until I find the necessary legal assistance to accompany me in the meeting); but this upstart of an investigating officer stated that even though I ‘didn’t need to be at the meeting’, if I didn’t agree with their decisions that they’d refer my Mum’s case on to the Court of Protection - to me everything has been managed to suite themselves, as no-one has ever support me; only dictated, undermined, micromanaged me, controlled me like there’s no tomorrow.

You have a legal right to advocacy in a safeguarding situation like this.

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Good luck you are in my prayers.

Just received an email that they are proceeding to the Court of Protection bypassing any rights whatsoever.

Legal advice is a must.

I have sought legal advice, everyone has full cases loads.

I would see citizen advice or see if you can get legal aid. You should have someone to help you.

I have tried CAB, not interested.