Please help!

Hello everyone please can someone give me some advice, I have received a letter today from Carers Allowance asking about my earnings from my job, I have been receiving Carers Allowance for 10 years but I started a part time job 3 years ago and I earn £184 per week, I had no idea that there was a threshold for Carers Allowance. What will happen now? I’ve worked out that I’m going to have to pay back £10,000. Will I get a criminal record? This would mean I would lose my job. Please help I feel physically sick.

Hi Lisa … quite of bit of guidance in the main thread … DWP PURGE … page 2 in particular :

Best to contact the CUK Advice Team as recommended therein … even though there will be hardly anything they can do to prevent the DWP seeking recovery.

Hi Lisa,
No wonder you are panicking.

I agree with Chris, definitely contact the helpline:

You aren’t the only carer in this situation, others are also being contacted by the DWP.


Page 2 of the main thread will be a good indication of the advice to be received.

Not all cases will be the same but … as a general rule , the advice would not deviate by much.

Specialist legal advice from a qualified source may well be the answer … if not the solution.