Help with an Overpayment


I am a carer for my 16 year old daughter. I have been since she was born. I started work in june of this year and I phoned the tax credits and the carers allowance people straight away. The tax credits was sorted immediatly. The carers allowance was still being paid without my knowledge until last month. I suspected a few times that it may have not been cancelled and filled out 2 forms online and called them once again.

I now have a letter of compliance which scares me a little. I currently earn around 170 a week. I pay a private pension, NI, plus expences of petrol to work. Plus i also pay for her to be looked after for an hour so i can make it to work.

I know maybe i should have checked more. But, I honestly thought the first two phonecalls, especially as the Tax credits stopped. I am a nightmare for checking bank statements. I just look at the cashpoint to see what money I have.

Hope someone can help a little. Thank you

Hi Claire … welcome to the canteen.

Given the nature of your situation , strongly recommend having a chat with the CUK Advice Team … best by email … contact details through the following link :

By crunching some munbers through an online benefits calculator will also give you a correct level of current benfits payable prior to the exchange with the CUk Advice team :

I will assume that some marshalling took place to stay within the £ 120 per week and still be able to claim Carers Allowance … private pension contributions / expenses ( As per guidelines ) mentioned ?

If one of many caught up in the recent DWP purge , the MAIN thread will be of a little assistace :

Under Universal Credit … I presume not … that nightmare yet to decend on your manor ?

Let us know how matters progress … it may well assist others in the future.