Can anyone help me im desperate please

I wonder if you CN help me with something I hadn’t informed gov of my job change in 2017 as i only thought it was only when I earnt too much I needed to inform them,

I received a letter saying I had earnt too much a few weeks ago and when I checked and asked my boss about my wages it works out I earn 2 pounds month too much from this April …

I informed them of this and knew it would now stop but today received a letter saying I owe back from 2018 over 2600 pound due to earning too much but I have p60 to show I haven’t for tax Yr 2017/18 and 18/19 do I stand any chance of over turning this??

also can I use after school club costs and petrol costs for these as an expense?

Hi Katie.
( Same reply to the same question ? )

Advice we give all " Newbies " when dealing with overpayments and the DWP.

CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) … links follow :

Citizens Advice

A little background for you … the main DWP Purge … you will find that you are not alone in breaking through that weekly
earnings limit … currently £ 123 per month … which as been in force for a couple of decades at least :

Disablity related expenses … claimed by the carer ?

( Such expenses as listed may be covered by your LA following a needs assessment for your caree. )

CAB for confirmation on that one … not ones normally associated with those found on the Internet for guidance to all claimants.

Work-related costs and Carer's Allowance - Entitledto