Earning 30p over

Sorry I’m a bit new to all of this.
I’m a carers for my mum and I also have a part time job cleaning.
I normally earn £92 a week and get paid fortnightly.
I did a bit of overtime 2 weeks ago but spoke to my supervisor about not going over my £123.
I worked an extra 7 .25 hours over 2 weeks which took my fortnightly wage up to £244.00
However looking at my bank this morning I have been paid £246.30.
I’m guessing my supervisor put me down as doing 7 1/2 hours.
But now I am 30p over what I’m allowed to earn over a 2 week period.
This has never happened before and I’m really panicking.
Has anyone got any advice on what I should do next?

The important figure is what you earn AFTER EXPENSES.
Click on “Quick Links” at the top of the page and you will find huge amounts of information.

Hi Jodi.

Given the somewhat " Toxic " relationship between the DWP and family / kinship carers , I would play this with a straight bat … report
excess to the Carers Unit … https://www.gov.uk/carers-allowance-unit.

( Added advantage of letting the DWP know that you are aware ! )

In future , don’t lose sight of marshalling … reducing income to stay within the weekly limit … contributing the excess to a personal
pension plan usually the easiest way.

Thank you both for the advice
I have phoned them and they have suspended my carers allowance
However my supervisor has agreed that they had put me down as 15 minutes extra
So now I am paying my supervisor back for the 15 minutes and she has to send them a email to verify this.
The man on the phone said this would me ok and that someone would make a decision upon receiving her email.
Does anyone know if this would be ok tho?
Or had any similar experiences?
Or how long it will take for the suspension to be lifted?
All this for 30p
Thanks again


Or how long it will take for the suspension to be lifted?

Unknown … the CA Unit are not renown for being the fastest kids on the block.

Best to budget accordingly … if that it at all possible.

For what it’s worth , the DWP PURGE thread :


( Does not make good reading ! )