PIP review for the over 65's

My hubby is 71 and in receipt of PIP, enhanced for both following the move from DLA to PIP. This morning I received one of their AR1 forms for a review of the award.
Now my understanding was that last year M/s Rudd said that all of those with a current PIP award and were over 65 would get a 10 year soft touch award when the existing award finishes.
So why has he had this review form?
Has any other pensioner received one?

Disability Rights may have the answer for you :

Light touch PIP reviews to be rolled out for disabled people of pension age | Disability Rights UK

Very odd. Please let us know what you find out.

Have a look on your husband originally PIP form. It should state when the next review would be. I.e usually three years.

These letter are usually computer generated. It could be a computer error.

Lets us know if there is a review date on his letter. It will help others.

Thanks, yes it is a bit odd. I can’t find anything on this subject nor is there anything on the DR website.
It was all a bit of a mess in 2017 following the face to face assessment but eventually the DWP relented and gave him back what he had with DLA. The PIP eventual award was Enhanced for both Mobility and Care for three years up to June 2020. There was nothing on the award letter that mentioned anything about what would happen in 2020 other than that they stated they would contact him before June to check that he is receiving the correct award.
The review form came with a simple letter telling him that he has 30 days to submit it back.

From the research I have done I cannot find mention of this happening anywhere. Obviously there is no point in ringing to find out. The only bits that I have read is that I cannot find anybody that has had a review form with everyone getting an automatic 10 year award letter.
I did find mention that what M/s Rudd said was that a 10 year award will only be given to those that qualify, this is what she said

The changes will benefit pensioners whose personal circumstances are unlikely to change.

Presumably the DWP will look at each case to see if they think that his circumstances may change. Maybe this is the answer that only those pensioners that the DWP are satisfied that no change will occur will they grant the 10 year award. Others, like my husband will have to make a claim showing that they haven’t and won’t.

I will have to fill out this form anyhow as it says his money will stop if it isn’t returned to them I have read that there are no more face to face assessments for at least 3 months and it will have to be a telephone assessment.
If I am right then the DWP should have made it clear right from the off.

I thought that I would post an update on this.
Eventually I got through to the PIP help line and asked the question - why?

After a bit of umming and ahhing it transpires that the PIP2 claim form and evidence that was sent in for the last review was unfortunately not detailed enough to show that his issues are ongoing to the extent that a 10 year award would be inappropriate. So wrong on many points of course they are ongoing and can only but get worse with time I said. But they replied that the PIP2 form and the evidence does not describe or support that to be the case, hence why he was only given a short award period last time.
Seems that I failed on his behalf to not just describe how he was then but more importantly to not describe in any detail with evidence how he would be expected to be in years to come.

It seems to be important to demonstrate the now and then to not only gain an award but to gain the correct length of the award.
To be honest this has floored both him and me as there is no mention on the PIP2 form to have to describe what he will be like years in the future nor is there anything on the form that suggests that the length of an award is geared to that.

Oh well he will just have to wait for one of these telephone assessments which to be honest is going to be quite laughable as he hates using the phone - they might get a few ums and ahs from him in return.

Finally and it’s just my grumble. The statement implying that everyone over 65 with a current PIP award will get a 10 year award so as to avoid reassessing them is a bit of smoke and mirrors. Not everybody will avoid another reassessment even if they are 71!