I’ve just had the letter about DLA moving to PIP for my 27 yr old son who is living at home, unable to just take any job, on anti depressants. He has had his DLA most of his life but I’m worried the PIP questions don’t apply to or address the difficulties he has. Can anyone advise where I might go for some help filling the form out?

Hi Susan.

Two links for outside help for that very task … filing out a PIP application form :

Check how to fill in your claim form - Citizens Advice

Fill in the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form - Turn2us

CAB and Turn2Us web sites … very frequent visitors in replies to postings on this forum.


Disability Rights web site for an introduction :

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) | Disability Rights UK


Thanks for that. I just came across the turn2us site actually so that might help. His DLA was a lifetime award so I had hoped my form filling days were behind me lol.

Your welcome.

I hope the transition goes … smoothly.

My son also had a lifetime DLA award. As I have arthritic hands someone from DWP came to help me fill in the form. This was really useful.
Can M dress himself?
Does he always wear appropriate clothing for the weather?
No, as soon as the sun comes out in spring he wants to wear shorts, and doesn’t remember to put a warm coat on in winter.

In that case he “needs help when dressing”.

There were several other times when I would have put a different answer, but with questioning put a more severe answer.

A few weeks later someone rang me up, an OT I think, two quick questions left me feeling this was a formality, and it all went through smoothly.

Thank you bowlingbun, I know a lot of it is about interpretation of what they are actually asking. I sympathise when you have issues to deal with too. I myself have ME, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis so tbh the fear is far more about my ability to cope with the battle ahead than my son. I also hope they will view him from the point of view that he is 27 and should be capable of far more than he is if you know what I mean. I hope you’re right and it will go better than I expect.

Staff at my MPs office helped me re my brothers. Lucky for us it went okay.

He will be due a review soon, which seems pointless as his disabilities since birth will not have improved one iota.