PIP a new claim?

i care for a 66 yo gentleman who has had an ongoing claim for 3 years. He has been told that his claim for pip is ending and they now treat it as a “new claim”, is this right or even is it legal?

Thank you in anticipation.

Apparently correct :



Your award of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) may be reviewed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) at any time, even if you have an award for a fixed amount of time. The DWP will usually start to review your claim one year before your award ends.

When the DWP reviews your claim, they send you a letter with a PIP review form. The DWP gives you 4 weeks to fill in the form and send it back. Ask the DWP for more time if you need it. You will need to phone them and tell them why you need more time.

If you don’t send the form back in time, the DWP will stop your claim unless you have a good reason for sending it in late. You will need to tell them why you sent the form late.

If the DWP stop your claim because you sent the form back too late and they don’t think that you have a good reason, you can start again with a new claim or challenge their decision (or both).

You don’t have to do the form on your own. You can ask someone else to help you. It can be someone you know or you can find a benefits adviser near you using our Find an Adviser tool.

If something has changed, the DWP may need more information to let the claim continue. You may need to complete another claim form and attend another medical assessment.

In a review, the DWP will decide whether to:

Make your PIP award longer.
Change your entitlement.
End your PIP claim.

Review or renew a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim - Turn2us

Fairly recently, I understood DWP said that they were going to give up reviewing claims for people with lifelong illnesses. Can you find anything more about that Chris? (Chris is the best Information Ferret I’ve ever known!)

Ferrett ?

As in down trouser leg … a good old Yorkshire pub game ?

A whole forest on the Internet when searching for … DLA LIFETIME AWARDS CHANGE TO PIP … mostly digusted posters on
the various carer and caree forums !

Moving from DLA to PIP - Citizens Advice

As far as I’m aware , latest state of play is that the DWP are " Reviewing " it.

So , the present game played with loaded dice continues … only those aged 65 or over on the 8th. April 2013 are spared.


Everyone is reviewed what for reason i dont
know if your disabled in a wheelchair like
my wife is why put them through all that

To keep the assessors in work?!

The total climate of mistrust and accountability means everyone has to prove they are genuine/ not faking it/ accountable etc

The few who make fraudulent claims mean everyone is treated with suspicion.

S has autism, it’s a life long condition. We were asked when he last saw a specialist for his autism and what treatment was he receiving?! There aren’t doctors specialising in the treatment of autism and there is no cure. One-size fits all questions and assessment process.