PIP - Award length

Heard they are going to re- assess in just 18 months!

Cant believe they would think that things are going to change enough in that short space of time.

Interested to hear about length of time others have in their awards.

Just dont want to keep doing all this pointless form filling, when the disability (autism) doesn’t change much.

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How long do personal independence payment (PIP) awards last?
Most PIP awards last for fixed periods; the end date is stated in your decision letter. However, the DWP has discretion to contact claimants to review a PIP claim, even if the PIP award still has several years to run.

Short-term awards of PIP for up to two years are given where the claimant is expected to improve significantly.

Awards of 5-10 years are made where changes in the claimant’s condition are possible but less likely.

In summer 2018, the DWP announced that claimants who are awarded the highest level of award under PIP - and who have severe or progressive conditions where their needs are expected to stay the same or increase - will receive an ongoing award of PIP with a ‘light touch’ review every ten years.

Before your award ends, you will be invited to apply to renew your claim. You may be asked to complete a PIP review form (AR1), which is much shorter than the PIP2 form completed by new claimants and focuses on changes in your circumstances, Alternatively, you may be asked to complete the PIP2 form again.

At least you have read yours. I know individuals who haven’t then been recalled - usually 3 years.


Thank you for posting that. Looking at the guidelines you have posted they should have put my son in the review in 5 - 10 year category.

If theres more independence in 18 months both my son and I would be delighted.

Working towards that!

Can hope…

Can I ask the age…
It seems sometimes to be shorter if an individual is working age.

Yes my son is young…working age…
Maybe that explains it…