5 yearly PIP review

Has anyone successfully completed the forms for the 5 yearly PIP review?

I care for my wife who has chronic neurapathis pain in her back, groin and legs. She has a spinal cord stimuator fitted and gets through the days on a wide range of medications that dull but don’t relieve the pain.

Apart from arthritis in her hands nothing has changed since 2016. She is on a pain management program no longer looking for a solution.

I spoke to the benefits people and explained that little had changed but they just went to a script saying write as much as you can to help them make a decision. I thought they would just want to know about changes, good or bad, since 2016 that would affect her previous score but now I don’t know.

The answer to most qustions is “no change” but I fear that every word I write will be scrutinised to help them reduce her claim.

Has anyone got any tips or experiences?


if you are writing ‘No change’ unfortunately you still need to describe the things have stayed the same since time and how your wife finds each task or activity.

As if carer’s don’t have enough to do …


The people doing this assessment won’t have access to the old one. Did you take a copy of it?

As I thought.

Last award in 2016 was based on a medical assessment/interview and we only have the report with points awarded. We dont have an application form.

I’m sure many people feel the same way. Life is hard enough then we get see these forms drop on the doormat and it suddenly gets a lot worse


Probably worth putting in a Subject Access Request (SAR) to the Data Protection Officer to request a copy of everything the department hold on file for you/the awardee. They should be bound to hold all documents for 6 years.

All the best

Good idea William!

Well that’s another morning I won’t get back.

2 mornings spent completing the forms, repeating information I’ve given time and time again. Let’s see what happens.

Maybe the benefits people could, in future, arrange to send a carer in to look after my wife, do the washing, go shopping, maybe even do a bit of cleaning while they’re here while if fill out the information they already hold.

Next thing will be they can’t read my writing.

Thanks for the tips and watch this space.

you have taken a photocopy this time?


As a rule of thumb always take copies of any paper work referring to assessments medicals etc etc. Most certainly to the DWP as they always seemed to misplace no longer hold documents. Interestingly, though when challenged manage to find paper work.

After completing the form’s I found the old ones. The information I have provided this time is almost the same, word for word, as last time.

Copies taken. :slight_smile:

Just a thought…

Why don’t they ask about house cleaning, washing, ironing, gardening, dog walking, house maintenance, Tesco shopping etc?

Maybe they could enquire who does these jobs and then perhaps ask how that person copes and whether they could do with a bit of help.

Maybe they think the carer automatically acquires new skills when the caree receives PIP.

Rant over… it’s ironing & Tesco day today but at least it’s sunny. :wink::joy: