PIP decision

My husband has finally received his PIP decision. He’ll get the standard rate for mobility (£22.65 a week) but will not get help with daily living needs. Not enough points for the latter. I don’t know whether there’s any point in appealing. Is the appeal process as soul-destroying as the assessment procedure? Do people have success with the appeal?


PIP appeals ?

Nothing ventured , NOTHING gained ???

A deluge of threads on other forums ( Mainly the disability ones ) / advice from some organisations out there available just by typing in those two words into an Internet search.

Present scoreboards seem to indicate that more PIP refusal decisions are overturned on appeal … again , the threads are out there.

Time between a refusal and an appeal can vary … expect a few weeks to a few months.

Several PIP related threads are also on this forum.

QUICK LINKS …add PIP to the search bit and … all will be revealed.

Individual cases to PIP in general … as reported in the media.

Finding anything " Good " reported would be like finding the same 6 numbers as Camelot’s 6.

Only Universal Credit has had worse press.

Hi Animalover,
Have you worked his score yourselves and do you think he definitely qualifies? https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guides/Claiming-Personal-Independence-Payment-(PIP)/Fill-in-PIP-form ( scroll down)
If so, then yes it’s worth appealing.

Go through the interview assessment / report and look for inaccuracies between what was said and what was reported. A lot of appeals are due to inaccuracies.


60% of appeals are successful.

Thank you all. I think he may be two points short. It will need some investigation. And his willingness to cooperate!

Do you have a Citizen’s Advice Bureau near you? They helped me through the appeals process when my son was initially turned down for PIP and they were brilliant. They had ideas and advice that I would never even have thought of. In the end we didn’t have to have an appeal hearing as the evidence I was able to forward to the PIP office was sufficient to make them conclude that J was eligible after all.

I hope it all works out well and doesn’t leave you stressed.