Pip tribunal

Hi everyone

Long time since I posted, however today we had my partners pip tribunal hearing. And we were told that we could lose points or get more points. My partner is on enhanced Pip DLA and standard mobility. However we were appealing the mobility part. When we got to the tribunal the judge explained that she could take points away from us and the DWP representative could not find why the women overturned the decision at mandatory reconsideration. So the judge asked us if we would like to defer and gather more evidence. When we did mandatory reconsideration the pip women said we could appeal and go to tribual and this would not affect the claim we already have also citizen advice said the same. This was a lie!!

My question is when I get the new hearing date can we just cancel the appeal or is it too late now? And will we lose everything



I’ve had a quick look on line but can’t find anything concrete to help you.

Although you feel you have had issues with Citizens Advice. I would got back and speak to them

You could also call Carers UK help line.

Thank you for the reply, I spoke to NGVFA charity as they are helping with war pensions. They advised we can just cancel appeal and keep award until renewal in 3 years time