So my partner went for pip assessment in july, got refused in September. Called for mandatory reconsideration. We got a call today to ask him more question, the women was lovely and could tell from the form that things did not add up

They said he drives all the time. Dr has advised him not to drive what they were told! Also states that he has a poor grip asseser aggrqd and said he needed help with aids for food etc. But could grip to get out the bath etc? Is it only me or does that not make sense as it’s the same writs arms etc he is using! She also stated that he manged to get in the bench himself with no help. I helped him on the bench!! And so did she, she took his arm

How can these people lie!!

Anyway the women overturned the decision and he has to get standard rate for 1 and enhanced for another. Unsure what will wait for letter.

One question is the payments backdated? To when you made the claim?

Thanks for reading

Yes, it will be backdated if you got in touch with them within the time they requested.

Lies are common. I’ve often read many bad stories of PIP elsewhere on the Scope forums which make me dread when I have to apply. Yes they are supposed to be backdated. Fight the decision hard. I honestly think that these people drink waay too much wine!