PIP Aghhhh

So wife moving from DLA to Pip, terminal heart condition,30/60% chance of surviving 2 years,two comas ,two heart attacks twice I’ve been told she won’t survive the night but she is well enough to work and not get pip. WTF!!
Mental problems for her,partly historical,partly health problems partly the pip process.
The pip lady when she explained her mental health problems said,lost me there love, haven’t a clue what you are on about.
Broken system.

Hi Julian.

So … your caree has joined the legions of those having been rejected for PIP … after being on DLA.

Okay … PIP appeals … a deluge of information on the Internet … two of the better links out there :

How to win a PIP appeal | Advicenow

Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision - Citizens Advice

For direct reaction from other carees , the SCOPE online community forums are full of useful advice :


PIP / DLA have their own section :

PIP, DLA, and AA — Scope | Disability forum

( Added advantage of their own expert advisors participating on the forum … something that this forum sorely lacks. )

Make sure you appeal or ask for a reconsideration WITHIN THE TIME FRAME GIVEN.

You only have four weeks so call citizens advice office on Monday to ask about a MR. Or visit in person. https://advicelocal.uk

You can contact us about any aspect of the service you’ve received, including:

mistakes that have been made
unreasonable delays
how you’ve been treated
not being kept informed

Sunny,since May my wife has been trying to get ESA back pay,we are not high priority as we have funds…65 calls many lasting over an hour 40 ring backs promised. 2 received. We have escalated but that is slow as well.
I still nudge my wife every morning just to see she is still with me.She gets weaker and more tired every week.
We want to go to our old haunts in euro land, insurance for her is about £850 a week. Need that ESA back pay.

I think you may get a quicker response if you contact your local M.P.


Not at the moment, because of the pending election.

Have contacted my M.P who happens to be one of the architect’s of the system, certain ex chancellor who is leaving parliament. I’ve contacted him on other matters and to be fair he has been o.k.
M.Ps are still undertaking constituency business evidently.

As your wife has a very poor outlook, please read up about NHS Continuing Healthcare. So many people are unaware of it, so I like to redress the balance a bit. FREE care at home from the NHS for very poorly patients.

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Main thread :


Well mandatory reconsideration my wife scored 0 points for a second time. No problems we will go on. Two weeks after appealing to the court tribunal DWP ring and offer double enhanced rate for 5 years. She is so happy,I’m so relieved it was really affecting her mental health.
She has her heart op end of April.
Fingers crossed.:grin:
Great news but why did she score 0 points twice and have to wait 3 months??

It is disgraceful to put her through all this for nothing. Did they explain the U turn? I’m glad you got it eventually.


Mandatory reconsiderations and appeals are different

We can’t treat a complaint as a challenge to a benefit decision (a request for ‘mandatory reconsideration’) or an appeal against a benefit decision, overpayment decision, child maintenance assessment or sanction.

Read about how to request a mandatory reconsideration of a benefits decision.

You can’t appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal about a benefits decision until you get a response to your mandatory reconsideration request. This is called a ‘mandatory reconsideration notice’. You can appeal to the tribunal if you think the decision in the mandatory reconsideration notice is wrong.

I would still highlight your situation to your local MP.

This is what the Government need to know.

Bbun they said because of a letter received from her G.P and another from her mental health professional.
Letters were similar to the ones at the mandatory reconsideration but had more detail.