PIP appeals - experiences and practical advice?

Quite ludicrously, my caree has just had her PIP mandatory reconsideration refused, and now has to go to appeal. I’m currently floundering rather about how to approach this, and trying to find out information about what an appeal tribunal is like/what to expect/how to word the appeal is proving a little more difficult than I’d expected.

If people have had experience of these tribunals (particularly if it relates to ME/CFS) - or if you know of URLs where the subject is discussed, I’d welcome hearing from you. Thank you.

Three links with set out the full sp of " PIP Appeals " … coming up :

Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision - Citizens Advice

Challenging a PIP decision - the tribunal hearing - Citizens Advice

How to win a PIP appeal | Advicenow

They don’t come much better than these.

CAB and Advice Now.

As a side issue , the venue … best to check out in advance if there are any access problems … and public transport available
if needed … several horror stories over the years.

( A couple of classics … deaf caree and carer … no sign language interpreter available !

First floor meeting room … caree in wheelchair … only stairs available ! )

Thanks, as ever, Chris.

Your welcome.

Don’t forget to check the venue … ?

I’ve been to a number of tribunals, both for my son, and supporting other parents with learning disabled children. With one exception, all were successful.

The only one that wasn’t concerned someone claiming mobility allowance whose parent said she could walk much further than the limit (which she hadn’t told me beforehand!). Soon after the rules changed, and she now receives PIP mobility as she needs someone with her due to her learning difficulties.

They are nothing to be afraid of, most like a job interview. Each time there were 3 people behind desks, one with legal training, one with knowledge of disability.

They are not there to catch you out, but to find out the facts, to see if you meet the criteria for the benefit concerned.
Make sure you arrive in plenty of time, and have had a “tea and a wee” before you are called in, so that you are really comfortable and not flustered.

Hi. My wife has been going down the Tribunal route with my help after a PIP Assessment in August ‘18 and a failed MR. After terrible help from our local CAB to fill in the initial form, my wife got 11 points for Daily Living, and 12 for Mobility, reviewed in 2 years.

We sent a load of extra medical information for the MR, with the same result. Since December, we have been gathering extra, stronger records, and letters from Consultants, GP and family and sending it to the HMCTS.

On Friday, we heard from the DWP. My wife had been reassessed and scored at 16 Daily Living and 12 Mobility points, or enhanced on both and review in 10 years!

Keep fighting.

Well done Simon.

Brilliant Simon! Inspiration for others to keep fighting for funding of all sorts.

Hi everyone.
I put in For a Pip Mandatory reconsideration request for my daughter using the advicenow website. We had a letter back today which was dated ( 27-03-2020) saying “ They now have all the information they need to decide if they can award PIP to my daughter .
How long will it take now for them to make a decision ? and also let us know The outcome ? Thankyou

Hi Louisa,
welcome to the forum.
The Citizen’s advice bureau advises that;

Getting your mandatory reconsideration result

The DWP doesn’t have to make the decision within a specific timescale and sometimes it can take several months to get your decision letter - this letter is called a ‘mandatory reconsideration notice’. You’ll be sent 2 copies - you’ll need to send 1 off if you need to go to the next stage of appeal.

If the DWP changes their decision, you’ll start getting your PIP payment straight away. Your payment for PIP will start from the date of the original decision. If you’re challenging the rate you’ve been put on and the DWP changes the decision, they’ll pay you the difference for the time it takes them to make the decision.

Don’t be put off if they don’t change the decision, not many decisions are overturned at this stage. More decisions are changed after the second stage of the challenge - if your mandatory reconsideration is turned down you can appeal to a tribunal.


However, I suspect with the current pandemic, this could take longer.

You can read more here Challenging a PIP decision - mandatory reconsideration - Citizens Advice