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Hi my name is Sam . I had my sons pink card through today from Bristol city council but unsure what you use it for . Sorry new to all this .Still trying to get help from people and support. :smiley:

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Bristol Children's Disability Register

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Bristol Pink Card.

You can get a pink card from Bristol City Council by adding your child to the Disabled Child Register.

It can be used as proof of disability and to get a carer’s discount at many local attractions.

You do not need a diagnosis to get a Pink Card, and it generally arrives within a week.

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I haven’t heard of a pink card before, I think it is a Bristol thing. I found a little info online here: Bristol Children's Disability Register

I assume it entitles you to reduced rates on days out etc i.e. you would pay for your child to enter and you would get in for free/reduced rate as their carer.
e.g. The Redgrave Theatre recognises it, they say on their website:

It’s a very special card you get from Bristol city council, commonly used by parents/carers as proof of disability of a child in their care. We all know disability isn’t always obvious, the card helps with that and you can receive discounts and reductions at local attractions.

Here at the Redgrave theatre, we allow carers of disabled children to come to our shows for FREE when supporting the named child on the card.

I care for S, he has autism, related learning difficulties and some longterm health problems - he is 27 now!! (Where did all those years go?!)

How old is your son? Tell us a little bit about him, if you want to.


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Hi Samantha, welcome to the forum. I have a brain damaged son, now aged 40.

If you would like to tell us a bit more about your son, age, schooling, disability etc. we can probably come up with a few ideas to help.