Help with social care

Hi guys not sure if this is in the right place but I’m after some help please our 5 year old boy has recently been diagnosed with severe autism and we have been offered help from social care but we are not really sure what is it they help with ? I think social services is this the same thing ? Any help would be great thanks

Hi Jody,
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My son is now 40, brain damaged at birth. He was incredibly hyperactive when he was little, and it look years before we had a proper diagnosis. The “Assessment Years” were incredibly hard, but in later years I studied for a degree.
“Social care” is care from Social Services, each area is slightly different. Does your son go to a local community school, or a special school? Try to think about what you need most of all to help you.
Has anyone told you that he is probably eligible for Disability Living Allowance? Mentioned the Family Fund?

Hi bowlingbun thank you for your reply
He is currently at mainstream school he has a EHCP In place we are currently receiving dla we have TAC meeting at school and the OT has suggested the social care I just thought it was social services and wondered why we would need them involved ?

It’s really important that you get in touch with Social Services, as they will be able to tell you what support is available in your area for you. There may be a respite centre, special needs playschemes etc. etc. but each area is different.

As your son gets older, his needs will change, and after he leaves school, they will arrange support for him. I would urge you to take advantage of whatever is available, so that you can have a break from caring, and he gets used to someone else caring for him.

The 5 year old grandson of a friend of mine has autism. His mother has been successful in getting a mobility vehicle and blue badge for his transportation.

Hi Jody,

As BB says, social care can sign post you to service in your area. It’s worth making them aware of your son, as it’s easier to get support if/when you need it at a later date, if they are aware of you. I never accepted respite when S was younger, as I didn’t feel we needed it. I now wish I had got him used to it when he was younger, so he had grown up having it.

If you haven’t done an Earlybird or Cygnet course in autism, it’s worth asking to be referred to one by a social worker someone on the TAC team. The courses a great way to learn strategies to support your son, meet other parents and learn of local services.