carer ID

My grandson has special needs and attends special needs school and I am his carer in school holidays I tried to get a carers discount at a local attraction but was told I have to have carer ID. what is this and how do I get it?

Hi Juli,

there is no official carers ID card, although some local authorities do issue one. Some folk show their Carers Allowance letter, though I suspect you don’t receive his Carers Allowance (and not everyone is able to claim this anyway.) You could take a copy of your Grandson’s DLA/PIP award letter and say this is proof he is disabled and he requires a carer at all times and I’m his carer today.


Thanks Melly xx

In Hampshire, people who need a carer with them on the bus can have a “Companion Bus Pass”. This means that when I travel with my son, I go free as well.
It’s in the form of a plastic card, the size of a bank card, so it lives in his wallet.
We often go on steam railways, I usually ring in advance to find out how they treat carers and the disabled.
My top tip, never EVER go to Mevagissey Model Railway. The staff there were ignorant and nearly had me in tears. Even when I explained that I didn’t qualify for Carers Allowance as I was a pensioner, they wouldn’t budge.
All PAID carers should have ID.
My son was brain damaged, fit as a flea, 6ft plus tall, but at 42 he can’t read, write or do an maths.