Carers Card

Hello, first time posting! I used to receive CA for my daughter, however I have been fortunate enough to get a job in a school so I can work when she is at school. I was just wondering which is the best Carers Card? I’ve seen two on line. I totally understand why I can no longer receive the CA as I went above the threshold but I’m still her carer. We have a Max Card and a DLA letter but I was just thinking a Carers Card might be easier to use. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Does your daughter have a Companion Bus Pass. That’s what we use to show that my son always needs someone with him, it’s issued by the local council as he gets DLA/PIP Mobility.
For tourist attractions, just ask if they have a Carer Goes Free Scheme. Most do. Much nicer than saying my son is brain damaged, he looks normal but can’t read, write or do any maths at the age of 40.

Google search…

These links should cover most carers access needs.

Theatre,s also provide free carer places as long as there is proof if DLA/PIP awards letters.

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Ask about a bus pass for disabled folk. I recently applied for one.

Whenever we are at our local theme park, I head to guest services to get a ride access pass first. Zoos and museums have a similar scheme in place. Call up on Monday or check their website. This is far less complicated than always having to explain why my caree has to use a wheelchair due to spinal cord damage. If we are planning to visit a theater I either search their site or email them to check on wheelchair accessibility. Same applies to restaurants and cinemas. My local ODEON cinema has a CEA card scheme. You can find some more information about the scheme on their website. I hope that this answers your questions. The local leisure centre also operates a handy scheme for carers. I usually just turn up with him in tow and present my card to the employee who is working on the front desk.