Person I care for now sleeps most of the day

Our situation rather different. Husband and wife known as ‘D’ 87 & 90 care for each other. I, Peter, had mild stroke 16 months ago, speech a bit of a problem but OK otherwise, D, unless actively doing something, falls asleep though she doesn’t want to, she wants to be active but unable as too tired, legs ache (not arthritic or rheumatic) just tired and sleepy, ‘knackered’ after half an hours effort. Only other sign is D’s mouth seems to get dry, little saliva.
GP says her blood test shows nothing amiss, must be old age. We are not convinced, sure there must be something.

Any ideas, please?

Hi Peter,
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I’m not a medic, but it might be worth looking at this Sjögren's syndrome diagnosis - NHS does this sound like D?

Not all conditions show up in a blood test, of Sjogrens. the website states

Blood tests

Blood tests can be done to look for antibodies in your blood. Antibodies are substances produced by your immune system (the body’s defence against illness and infection) to attack germs.

In Sjögren’s syndrome, the immune system produces antibodies that attack healthy areas of the body. These can be found during a blood test.

But not everyone with Sjögren’s syndrome has these antibodies, so you may still have the condition even if a blood test doesn’t find them.



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Ask for a referral to a specialist. They should be able to do more tests to figure out the best course of action. Make a short list of questions to ask. I also recommend keeping a diary of her symptoms. I used to write down whatever symptom my caree had in a notebook and then I emailed his doctor with my questions and concerns. Remain polite however.
It sped up the entire process. Good luck. You are in my prayers!

Maybe go back to the doctor. Like has been recommended. Keep a daily hourly diary. It’s surprising what you can learn/gain by making a diary.

As has been stated it’s difficult for board member to give medical advice. Is D drinking a lot and going to the toilet. There are many things associated with some of these symptoms. But better to not guess to much at there causes.

Log everything down from diet to all the other things you have already mentioned. I think you may see a pattern emerge.

If in the mean time you become more worried. Make a phone call to the G.P.

Make sure D is taking the daily recommended intake of water.

Hi Peter,
Hats off to you for doing such a stirling job while recovering from illness yourself - I am amazed how strong some people are!
I saw a top nutritonalist talk once (it was a fantastic free event arranged by my carers support group) and she said that a fair number of what look like illnesses are actually vitamin deficiencies.
Has your wife had her vitamin levels checked? The nutricionalist said that B12 is a big one and made us all promise to buy Sublingual B12 pills that week. You disolve them under your tongue as some people cant absorb it via their stomachs. I did it and my energy shot through the roof! Vitamin D is a biggie too as in the UK we dont get enough.
Not instead of the medical route of course but perhaps alongside it :slight_smile: