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Hi, I care for my wife while doing a full time job. She has very low blood oxygen levels which causes her to sleep a lot, has no energy, difficulty with memory and really no motivation to do anything. She also seems to be a bit in denial, she says she is fine. I even prompted a doctors appointment for her via my own doctor but she did not volunteer any information/problems at the appointment. The doctors wont help, I don’t know where to turn, we argue more now, mainly because she forgets things. I just really need someone to help. I do love her but these health issues are straining our relationship.

Welcome to the forum. How old is your wife?
Does she have an official diagnosis? How long has this been going on fof?
Presumably she doesn’t work?
Do you have kids?
If her doctor won’t talk to you, write a letter saying what is happening at home.
They may not reply, but should take on board what you have told them, and respond appropriately.

What is causing the low oxygen levels in her blood and is she receiving treatment for her condition?

I care for my wife with similar issues, she can’t remember what is happening, doctors talk to her but she just cannot give information.
My wife has fits the doctors ask her what is happening when she has a fit, well she is on the floor unconscious.

You can get a form from your doctors giving permission for you to talk to the doctors on her behalf.

She needs to sign it and give permission but then the doctors can share info with you.

I suggest you keep a diary to show how bad your wife is and take it to the doctors , see what they can do.

And you should be getting help as a carer as well, what is her condition? they may be a support group for it.