Spotlight on coping with stress, depression & the menopause

Hi, I’m Jane and I work on some of our resources at Carers UK – thank you for visiting our forum. I just wanted to highlight some of our mental health guidance knowing that this is a time of the year when life can feel particularly tough: Dealing with depression and stress | Carers UK

If you have any queries or thoughts, we are paying close attention to this thread - thank you.

Check your thyroid function and iron levels as these also can effect mood and physical issues. And vitamins deficiency many G.P’s give carers antidepressants instead of eliminating or checking for other causes. Or these checks are just a simple blood test.

These are often missed and carers are told they are stressed and/or depressed.

Antidepressants have there own side effects. So be sure all tests for other possible issues are checked.

My name is Kazz
I have hypothyroidism and care for bed bound 101yr old mum. I get very tired and stressed, but have no time to eat properly at times, so my iron levels get low too.
I have terrible brain fog and forget things all the time, as I am trying to juggle mum’s affairs and my own.
I’m 55yrs so hormones play their part too, but I feel very much alone at times.
I know i need to care for me too, but when you are a lone carer that is hard to do, i try and get some me time but lately that isn’t possible, I haven’t had a day off since 2020.

Hi Karen

I have regular yearly blood test to see what my levels are. Also In between if feeling tired etc.

My G.P. has always worked with me so it’s fairly easy to keep myself monitored throughout the year.

Have you also considered the menopause also having a contribution to how you are feeling. Double whammy!

It sounds like you need a visit to your GP for a check up and advice.
I hesitate to suggest anything considering your condition.

Are you hydrated? Are you drinking enough? Dehydration can cause confusion, fatigue and brain fog too. Getting more fluids might be all you need to do and if that doesn’t work definitely see your doctor in case you need some blood tests or medication.

I’ve mostly lived on salads through summer and now I’ve been getting some soups and stews in the freezer.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day with my mum, I lived mostly on milk, toast and crisps and some peanut butter in the absence of salad things, I felt it today! That was a wake up call to the change of seasons and looking after myself - ha! yeah right! So I defrosted some tomato veg soup for lunch and a stew for dinner. Not that there won’t be any more toast, crisps and milk days to come!