Panic attacks getting too much

Hi sorry for creating another post last night was extremely awful. I know I just can’t do this anymore, I had an extreme panic attack combined with already being ill. I have been throwing up since I got home again. I could not eat tonight at all.

Today I printed some evidence about my mums case and handed it to her she wanted to take it to the police station. I hated it. The police station was extremely busy and only one person was on the counter. She was really stressed and was being very stern, meanwhile I was experiencing more panic.

I was starting to experience coughing fits. The woman on the counter wasn’t really been helpful at all. She was stressed through and we weren’t really getting anywhere.

The hearing is today too. I woke up in a terrible state and I have decided to take the day off work due to feeling sick and anxious. Luckily my boss understands.

I want all this to go away and stop. I have a councilling appointment today so I will talk to them then

Sounds like a stressful trip. Good you have counselling today. Is someone going with your Mum to court?

We were unable to get anyone to go with her today. The IDVA is away on sick and social services have ignored all requests for help. Mums social worker is only in on a Monday and Friday now meaning it is too late.

I am so scared and panicky. I knew I would not be able to cope at work today, so I have taken the time off to try and relax.