On Universal Credits and becoming a carer

If anyone could give me any information I would greatly appreciate it… My question is, in short, can I just give notice on my job to become my brothers carer without being penalised by they Job Centre.
After becoming a single parent recently and having to claim Universal Credits alongside my job of 12 hours a week, my Brother who is disabled is needing a carer. Everything is quite new to me and the information I have gathered so far is positive but I am worried about being surprised with some sort of sanction for just giving up my job and also of course about finances regarding rent and council tax as I get help with these at the moment.
Any advise would be greatly received… Many thanks Kay

Hi Kay.

Carers Allowance … provided you meet the qualifying criteria , said CA will be paid.

What is Carer's Allowance? - Turn2us

As to giving up employment to become a family carer , again … should be no problem.

Obviously , changes in income will reflect in any subsequent UC payment … UC being made up with individual benefits
and allowances.

These can be checked in advance through an online benefits calculator :


Ideal for " What if " scenarios … as will be in your case.

How do the " New " figures stack up ?

Feel free to bounce the results of us here on this forum.

Welcome to the forum.

PLEASE think carefully, not because of benefits, but the effect of being a full time carer for a family member. Lots of people here have bitterly regretted giving up work to care, the loss of work friends to chat to, the loss of pensions, and of course, loss of income.

Before you hand in your notice, can you tell me what is the matter with your brother?
In order for you to claim Carers Allowance etc, he must receive a disability benefit such as DLA or PIP.
Has he had a RECENT Needs Assessment from Social Services? If he can’t find a written copy, then the chances are it needs to be done again.

Will you live with him in his house - owned or rented?
How old is your child? Will caring for your brother limit your opportunities to be a fun mum???

Lots to think about, we can help.