Universal Credit and Work

Hi everyone

I am looking for some advice please - quick overview:
I care for my husband and also receive the carers element of UC.
My husband also gets the higher rate of UC following his WCA and enhanced rates of PIP.
I also work 30 hours a week (Daughter steps in as carer).

My husband has been suffering with depression for some time and during a visit to our GP, admitted feeling suicidal. This came as a shock and I am obviously concerned about him. My Daughter is wonderful and cares for her dad whilst I am at work, but I feel that I should be at home more - especially now. I have approached work about reducing my hours to 18 a week but they are not sure if that is possible so I am considering leaving.

My questions are: How will our UC claim be affected if I leave, I get the lower work allowance so will this be paid as part of our claim? Will UC pay our fuel bills (used to be on fuel direct through income support) and if I leave, with UC sanction our payments?

Thank you - all advice welcome.

Hi Sonia

Sorry to hear how your husband is feeling. Do you think before you change your life. Would you husband consider counselling. So he could discuss his feelings. Leaving your employment may not help to cure how he feels. Your employment could be you savour.

How old are you?

Your could use a benefit calculator calculator. Which would give you a rough guide. But these calculators are only a guide.

Carers UK have a confidential helpline. I suggest you ring them for a detailed review. There might be other things you are unaware of.

Hello Sonia

I would suggest you give our our advice line a call on 0808 808 7777 they’re available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm or you can contact us by email advice@carersuk.org - they’ll be able to help you.

many thanks