Migration to UC and caring responsibility

Hi hoping for some advice my husband and I are currently claiming income support as our daughter has cerebral palsy and currently claims esa support group and pip. We share the care responsibilities but only one of us could claim carers allowance. We have been sent migration notices for universal credit and was wondering what this will mean for me and my caring responsibilities as my husband won’t be made to work as he claims the CA. I’m so worried that they are going to make me work 35 hours which I can’t do as our daughter needs a lot of support. Any advice please would be appreciated.

Hi @hicky1, welcome to the forum. I also have had a letter as well. I don’t think they will make him work, it just the dwp trying to get everyone on the same thing to save on jobs and paperwork. I would suggest change to UC and see what happens, if the dwp try to be silly, get your husband to explain the situation to them and if in doubt, contact the carers helpline, citizens advice and your mp. Good luck.

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Hi I have been looking after my mother for years who has severe dementia,I’m a worrier and the very blunt migration letter has me feeling very depressed and anxious.My mother has very quick care calls that she pays for that are for a bed bath and pad changes but I have to feed mum and give her drinks through the day as she can’t use her hands.I run her life for her and spend every day with her.,I have even slept in the same room downstairs as her and her hospital bed for 7 years!.I’m worried that they may say I’m not needed as she has carers.

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Hi @wilmo77, I have had the same letter to change over and in the process of doing it. You are still a carer even with paid carers coming as when they are gone who helps your mum?
Don’t worry to much about it as it already bitten them in the rear with the website part not working correctly.

@hicky1 and @wilmo77
Contact the helpline, get a benefits check. it’s the best way to manage your worries. I hear you
Especially with all the election soundbites about pushing people to work…UC has exceptions for Carers …BEFORE filling out any forms, the Carers UK helpline may be able to recommend the BEST way to complete it or who to contact…