Carers Credit & Universal Credit

Hello all…what a great support CarersUK as been to me so far, thank you.

I am self-employed and mainly due to the pandemic have found myself on Universal Credit, as my income is now so low.

I also care for my sister who is Autistic and on the higher rate disability allowance.

The care for her has increased, exceeded 35+ hours per week, so i applied for Carers Allowance - This was declined as the past years income has gone over the limit allowed.
My situation will not change for the foreseeable future with regards to care and low income.

My question: If i now just apply for Carers Credit (through my Universal Credit account) will i be able to keep Universal Credit without being pushed to look for alternative employment if my income through self-employment remains low?

I suppose i am just trying to get some predictability and plan for the future with my sister.

Many thanks for any comments,

If you are on Carers Allowance, not just credit, you are not required to look for work.
How old is your sister. If over 16, she should also be entitled to income related benefits.
If she has learning difficulties, she is exempt from Council Tax, and I think you may be too.
Check with our CUK helpline.
Has your sister had a Social Services Needs Assessment?
What support is she getting from them?

Thanks bowlingbun for your reply.

She is on PIP and the higher rate disability allowance - She has all the financial support she needs.

I am not on Carers Allowance, i have been refused it because of my self-employment income in the past tax year…which is depleting.

Many thanks, i’ll try and figure what to do.