No follow up for bowel cancer screening

If Michael is still researching problems with NHS services due to Covid 19, here’s another issue to add to your list!

I recently had a routine stool sample tested as part of screening for bowel cancer. The result came back that a follow up appointment was warranted. The NHS said they didn’t know when they would be able to book the appointment, let alone tell me when the follow up appointment would be!

Anyone else left in this predicament? I thought the NHS is supposed to be open for business other than Covid. How many other carers and carers been left in limbo, I wonder?

It’s hopeless. Everything is on hold and I can’t understand why things aren’t moving on now.

My 91 year old Aunt spent over an hour in a completely empty waiting room at our surgery. It was boiling hot, she had a face mask on and she has sky high blood pressure and often falls over. Her daughter in law was not allowed in so waited in the car. The doctor came out, walked to reception, walked back and just ignored her. He left the door open and there was nobody in his room.

She felt really ill so decided to go home. She went through reception and the receptionist said “you are next, where are you going?” My Aunt said “there is nobody in with the doctor, I feel really ill so I am going home before I pass out.” The receptionist insisted she went back and she was finally seen after 1 hr 15 mins and the doctor didn’t even apologise. He just doubled her blood pressure and water tablets and when her blood pressure skyrocketed again a few days later she was ambulanced to hospital. the consultant there took her off the double doses. Poor lady never seems to get any further. Had she collapsed in that waiting room nobody would have known because no staff or patients were there!