WOW ! Speedy NHS

Had a CAT scan 4 weeks ago (to see if I had a brain !).

Phoned local GP but he had no results through from hospital.

So phoned hospital and spoke to a consultant’s secretary.
She said that I would be getting an appointment but mine was not urgent,
hence delay.

I said that she had relieved me as no urgency meant I didn’t have a serious problem
and would be happy to wait now.

NEXT MORNING a letter arrived from hospital giving me an appointment !

Speedy NHS :slight_smile:

I’m just amazed you got through to the consultant’s secretary on the phone!!!

So, had she already sent the appointment letter, or was that done through a central appointments system, or did your call ‘jog’ her memory?

I agree that ‘neglect’ is often a good sign!!!

But waiting for results is always horrid horrid horrid. ‘Scanxiety’ is the term I’ve heard!