A bit worried

Hi ,during the last 2 weeks or so ,i have noticed there has been blood in the toilet bowl sometimes when i have a bowel movement .
It doesn’t happen every time ,phoned the doc and i was seen this morning ,i had to go to the hospital for a blood test .
The doc said i will have to see a specialist ,i should get an appointment within a week ,and be seen within a fortnight .
Not a good way to start the year off ,i was hoping it was a bad case of piles ,i have had them before .

Try not to worry too much David it is most likely piles or maybe colitis/ulcerative proctitis - all easily treatable.

You’ll probably have to submit a stool sample and then maybe have to have a Colonoscopy - not really comfortable but not painful either (been there, done that and got the t-shirt !!!)

Susieq Wrote
"You’ll probably have to submit a stool sample "
Haven’t got any stools will an armchair do instead? :smiley: :smiley: .
I know it might not be serious ,but at least i won’t have to care for Malcolm any more :smiling_imp:

Wait for the joys of reaching certain age and having to submit samples by post!!!
Gives a whole different meaning to getting a birthday card :whistle:

Hi Sue ,sorry if i sounded a bit flippant when i replied .I looked up the conditions you mentioned ,and it put my mind at rest a bit .

I had the same symptoms as you and then had all the tests and a colonoscopy and was finally diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis for which I was prescribed medication. It cleared up reasonably quickly - I’ve had a couple of flare ups since but the medication deals with it within a few days. I also found watching my diet helped (there’s lots of advice on the Colitis website).

The worst part of the colonoscopy is the medication you have to have for 2 days before the procedure to ‘flush out’ the bowel :unamused:

Yes, the flushing out is not fun. DO NOT TRY AND LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!

Also, starving for 24 hours is nightmarish…

Wow ,something to look forward to .

David it can’t be any worse than having the camera down, or is it up? your errrr…“front tube” ? :blush:
I watched it all on telly at the side of me :blink:

You should have asked for a DVD copy of it :smiley:

The doctor told me there wasn’t much to see ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just forget about keeping any dignity :smiley:
I got told off by a nurse in the pre-endoscopy area. I had to go and get a glass of water from a water dispenser in the area.
(Your mouth goes a bit dry at times like these), so as i walked over in my lovely floral print, Laura Ashley gown a mature nurse said OIY! You cant walk around like that with your a**e hanging out! She shuffled over to me rapidly and said you need an XL gown. But it was an xl gown as she soon found out. Well just stay in your cubicle she said. :laughing:
I am 6 foot 2" tall and an XXL sized biker.

I found that the most fascinating part :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

It is most strange isnt it? Seeing inside of yourself and wondering ooh whats that bit? :laughing:

exactly ! I find it all rather fascinating that with all the technology now available we can actually ‘see’ inside ourselves - I don’t remember much about the discomfort of the angiogram I had a few years back - all I remember is thinking "that’s my HEART on the screen " :open_mouth:

Susie, the weirdest for me was a cardio echogram (or whatever they are called!). It was an ultrasound, but it wasn’t so much the fuzzy image of the blurred heart moving, it was the weird ‘whooshing sound’ the blood was making as it was pumped in and out! Really unnerving in a way.

Sort of like when you put a sea shell to your ear but loads louder!

susieq, it gets even more strange.
On ebay I bought a USB miniature endoscope from China so I can look inside my motorcycle petrol tank or any other place I need to see in the car or on the bike.
But that’s as far as it goes! I’ll leave the medical stuff to people who are trained in these things and know what they are doing.

Colin, one of the reasons docs are always cautious about ordering ‘scopes’ of either kind (at either end!) is because of the slight but nevertheless distinct risk that the scope can ‘tear’ the tube it’s being pushed along…

A DIY scope sounds quite definitely NOT recommended! (visions of sword eaters, do you remember those? Quite gruesome!)

Yes I remember sword eaters on TV and at circuses. At a bike club event in Birmingham we go to called Ink and Iron, we saw a suspension artist one time. That was quite entertaining.

But there seems to be no limits to what some people will insert into their bodies for the most bizarre reasons. Needless to say its extremely dangerous.

Got an appointment ,8.45 am Monday 14th at Shrewsbury .Then at 11.30am got to go and have physo at Telford :unamused: .

You must consult a doctor for this and don’t take this problem lightly.