NHS ENGLAND Mental Health

I am continually looking at guidance from NHS England but the NHS in my area just seem to ignore NHS England guidance.

I am told to contact NHS England to sort this out.

NHS England will help me with a complaint against the GP but shouldn’t NHS England be taking action anyway.

I don’t want to go through the complaints procedure, takes weeks and doesn’t resolve things.

And this is Mental Health, is it the Mental Health Trust, The GP or the local Commissioning group responsible for ensuring good mental health.

Or is it the local Health and Wellbeing board?

All these people just not doing their jobs properly , there is supposed to be joint working co ordinated care.

I think i will have a big bonfire, put all these reports and strategy’s on the fire, just not worth the paper they are written on.

So who is responsible for making sure a person gets the right Mental Health treatment, help and support?

My caree is just getting sent around the system referred here there and everywhere, instead of the proper and right treatment.