Complain about GP BPD

It has been suggested I complain about my GP or rather my caree’s GP for not providing the Mental Health Services that my caree needs.
My Caree took an overdose a while ago, and briefly saw Mental Health Services, the crisis team, no useful help was given, my caree was not admitted into the Mental Health System and received no support.
Caree has Borderline Personality Disorder.

I am giving support but not receiving any support myself, I did attend a carer assessments, mentioned I was looking after this lady with BPD, no support was offered.
I have a copy of the letter from the hospital to the GP, X arrived in A&E in a very distressed condition saw the crisis team etc etc.

So what now a charity has suggested that my caree go back to the GP and get referred back into the Mental Health System.

But the Mental health system claims that nothing can be done about BPD, it can’t be cured but managed but no one is managing the BPD.

And put in a complaint about the lack of management and support of the mental health condition.

So complain to my GP for the lack of support as a carer, complain to the ladys GP about the failure to manage the BPD or/and complain to Mental Health Services.

So that would be 4 NHS complaints but also complain about the Carers Assessment so that would be 5 complaints.

Is there really any point doing this, would it actually help the situation? The charity says if no one complains, nothing happens it is essential to complain so that people know whats going on.

And I have seen on the TV, all these dramas I watch about doctors that when there is a complaint the NHS person is suspended and worried about losing their job, is this realistic?

The NHS complaints gives an explanation and apology but there is no duty to resolve the situation and that is what I needed here.
And the NHS complaints procedure does not do disciplinary action

For myself to get support as a carer looking after a vulnerable person in the community and the lady with BPD to get the treatment, help and support needed.

The GP, Mental Health Services and Social Services all know about this lady, they know about me unpaid caring, I take the lady to GP appointments, I was there at A&E supporting the lady, they just left her for hours in a cubicle crying with no one to talk to.
She could have walked out, jumped off a bridge or anything.
All these are paid trained professional staff, they all have a duty of care, but no ones cares, they all just blame each other, the GP should help the lady, the Mental Health Services should be helping the lady, Social Services should be helping the lady but no one cares.

What would have happened if this lady had died? All the professionals would be saying we did this, we did that, but they didn’t.

Today I have sorted out the help the lady needs, I phoned victim support and they have arranged her some councelling.

But that’s not my job, all these paid professionals above, that’s their job, why don’t they do their jobs?