Should I put another complaint in?

Hi all, things have sort settle down at home but I have another problem and wondering if I should complain again to health board or leave it in the hands of others?
Since this problem kicked off and other health professionals have got involved as well as the police due to safe guarding. The local mental health team are using dirty tactics to bluff their way out of trouble and throw it back at us. They told the police a pack of lies about me and dad giving mum her medication and other things, they did do a check but are now going to throw it back at the mental health team as the police were not impressed with being told a pack of lies as there no case to answer to.

Yes. You are in my prayers.

If you are going to make a complaint it might be a good idea to get an advocate to help you with the complaint. They can advise you and help you to deal with the complaint calmly - that will be important so you don’t give them any ammunition to undermine you with.