NHS CHC/local HealthWatch

I don’t know if other people have contacted their local Health Watch about CHC problems they’ve had and how obstructive their CCGs are in denying vulnerable patients health care they desperately need and are entitled to, but are prevented by CCGs; and especially wanting to know if people locally were aware of CHC funding with it being the NHS’s best kept secret? As I contacted mine a few years ago and spoke to the Manager about everything, but persistence is key; as they didn’t do anything for some time. I got so fed up waiting to get back to me, I phoned and discovered they assumed the situation ‘had got resolved’. They eventually invited me to a meeting to discuss further.

The meeting was to put a survey together, they seemed to have one drafted from other Health Watches. So it may be worth contacting your local Health Watch, as I have heard if it’s an ongoing trend affecting lots of patients they are best placed to do something about it locally – where they can highlight what CCGs are keeping to themselves to prevent the local populace knowing what they may be entitled to.

I will do that. Thank you.

I investigated HealthWatch when we had a problem with our LA. There’s an over-arching national HW and then local ones for each area.

Our local one had published a consumer “satisfaction survey” on social care - very interesting reading!