I’m Cari, Just joined, (Sorry is this is a bit lengthy, not really sure what to say… )

I am caring for my mother who was finally diagnosed with Alzheimers about 1.5 years ago , but who had been symptomatic for at least 3 years before that. She used to live with her friend, however due to mum’s progression, and the challenges, and wanting to improve quality as life as she lived over 6 hours away, from both myself and my brother and grand kids, I moved her in with me, about 3 months ago, to look after her and so she could be nearer the family. As whilst I was going down every month , this was not sustainable and more and more challenges were arising and trying to sort long distance was really complicated and she needed more.
This was with total agreement with the friend and mum as the friend did not want to be a carer ( absolutely as not her responsibility and she is getting older too ) I also wanted to be able to spend as much time with mums as i could.

I work full time , am single, and recently moved house, ( before mum moved in) so it is just 5 mins from work, so i can go back at lunch and am close at hand and alot has changed for both of us. So many things are coming to light, and just adjusting to trying to help, We sorted out the POA after she was diagnosed and I am sole attorney . He lives about 2 hours from me with kids, so has alot on,
think thats an outline as to me, and our situation, hope to be able to chat on here, and there are a few burning questions . advice requests that would love to ask

Welcome to the forum.
I never advocate parents moving in with children, there is no escape!
Are you claiming Attendance Allowance for mum?
Did you know she is exempt from Council Tax now?
Are you getting any outside help?

thank you for replying :slight_smile:
Have arranged 2 groups a week where she is out of the house, specifically for dementia , so that is good she has a change of scenery. She is happy ( ish to go, ) and seems to have a good time. We did try one other, but she didnt like it .
I know about council tax but thank you for the heads up
Not claiming attendance allowance, as have not really looked into it all yet but it is on my list… debating about a social care assessment but mum not really receptive to any of that… as in a bit of denial about anything other then memory loss.



I’m new too. Great to meet you. Looking forward to getting to know people as we share and learn.